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Unique technological optimization and monetization solutions for web and mobile.

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We are a performance-based technology company that offers an industry-leading optimization platform for online campaigns.

Our Ideology


Build Spheres
of Influence!

Build Spheres
of Influence!

As a technology company, we are able to instantly provide you with the best software solutions, customized according to your needs, in response to the dynamic changes in the market.


User First
and We All Win

User First
and We All Win

Successes are all about engagement – The essence of effective digital marketing involves the ability to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time. For that reason, we first think about your end user when we start developing solutions for you.


Technology and


Our platforms and algorithms leverage the latest Real-Time optimizing practices and employ Big Data analytics – based on mathematical formulas and using scalable, cloud-based servers.
Our secure and efficient server architecture has been designed and developed for maximum performance to meet your requirements.


Cloud-based Architecture:

XMEDIA Tech’s Linux-based architecture is built in a scalable, cloud-based cluster that leverages concurrent technologies: distributed cache, Apache HBase over a Hadoop framework, high-level load balancing in IP, and disk serialization techniques. Our approach is zero downtime and continuous integration methodology and architecture.

Data Integrity:

We implemented robust redundancy, failover and fail-safe measures, including replication on all levels, multi-dimensional monitoring, and a homegrown anomaly detection technique that integrates Zabbix™ and Pingdom™ alerts and SumoLogic™ log tracking.

Big Data:

Customers track KPIs and trends based on big data, relying on our well-designed flow of data collection: from runtime production service via sequentially written files, that are then “pushed” into Hadoop and Hive. Hive-based datasets are aggregated into compressed, partitioned tables exposed to our lightning-fast, MapReduce-based technology.

Real-Time Decision Making:

We always seeks to develop and apply algorithmic methods for improving performance and ROI by the need to make real-time decisions based on data arriving in high volume.

Fraud Detection:

We continue to develop new methods for detecting incoming traffic fraud. We uses externally, daily imported data suppliers’ databases, pattern detection, external service providers (like RiskIQ™), self-developed software scanners, manual analysis and sampling, and an algorithm that grades each traffic source and directs (or bans) traffic accordingly.


XMEDIA Tech’s applications, both outfacing and in-bound, are developed as multi-tier, secured web applications. Our code combines Java 8 services, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node.js, and jQuery as well as JSF and RichFaces technologies.

Smart Algorithms:

Our data science team and algorithm software engineers continuously innovate, ensuring we match the best offer to each user click event and providing an accurate prediction for each situation, with smart computed averages and dynamic, weight-based likelihood formulas.

Multiple API Capabilities:

Our API capabilities are all secured with the user’s API credintials and are available in multiple formats.

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Our Solutions

Powered by a cutting-edge R&D department that includes an Algorithm & Data Science team, a Full Stack development team and a Continuous Integration unit and System Testing team.

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Our Goal

Born to make a Breakthrough !

Meet XMEDIA Tech, one of the world’s leaders in the digital media tech industry.

Who are we?

Our story begins with an idea that came into our heads in 2015. It starts when we were a small, ambitious group of hi-tech colleagues, digital marketers and finance professionals who shared a common vision, enthusiastic to find the next “big thing”.

In a short time, we banded together, starting our journey into a never-ending process of research and development.

After many sleepless nights and hundreds of hours of trial & error, in 2016 we finally came up with smart algorithms for the analysis and optimization of leads distribution – and proudly celebrated the launch of our first product.

Since that day, we consistently work our way toward success – step by step, wisely but daringly! Today, just a few years later, XMEDIA Tech – still a privately owned company – is one of the dominant companies among media buying & leads distribution technologies worldwide.

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